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Friday, February 3, 2012

Expensive wishlist


Dah berhabuk dah blog ni. Bajet nak update kot. Nak selarikan dengan facebook Mack EF. Baru la terupdate sikit. InsyaAllah kalau ada masa. Tet. Hehe. Seperti mana tajuk nya, 'Expensive wishlist' - Photography. 

Seriusly, hobby ni tersangat la mahal nak mampos kalau nak diikutkan - bagi aku la, sebab so far, semua barang kamera aku beli pakai duit dari usaha aku sendiri, even ada loan sikit dari mak ayah dulu (beli body camera). Alhamdullilah. Biasa la, teknologi akan berkembang setiap masa. Akan ada benda yang baru dikeluarkan. Kalau nak beli je, bila masa nak ambil gambarnya? Hehehe.

Walaupun kebanyakkan barang kamera aku barang terpakai, so far so good. Used item, what do expect, perfect? Talking about current gear, I got several lens and one body. 40D + EFS 10-22 + EF85 + EF50 + di622. Spending a lot of money to this manner, it's a serious thing. A few days ago, me and her talking about this. She worry about my 'spending' activity.  I keep plan to upgrade my equipment etc. Suddenly she 'hit' me, you should buy what lens you really want once for all even it's expensive (once for all - just adding.hehe). She believe that, once I buy that lens, chances for me to buy other lens become less.

Well, she make me think wisely. Manage money is not an easy task. True, money 'come and go', but we can manage it,how much you want it to 'come' to you, and how much you want it to 'go'. I want to collect money, of course for wedding and saving. But in the same time, I want to upgrade my equipment. During our chitchat, she encourage me to buy L lens (once for all) - after I explain why love that lens. After a long thought, what she say is true. But i'm afraid to do that, because it's could be my biggest purchase in my life - Almost RM5k. Damn. What lens did I mean? It's EF 24mm f1.4 USM.

In the same time, I do think about my photography style - because it's relate with that lens too. I love blurry and shallow DOF. Today I found my photography style that I want - relate with expensive equipment too. Damn.

I explain a bit, what, and why. 

Part A -  Lens.

  1. *EF 24 f1.4 USM - Well, I love shallow DOF, and this lens might give what I want in my image. It's also a fast lens. But, much much more expensive. Another things is, I plan to go to non-flash photography or less using flash. I believe that I'm not good in flash photography. Without flash, I can focus on my framing and camera setting only. It's might a good fit when mounted on my crop body. If mounted in full frame, it will become more wide, but I dont want wide anymore. Hehe. (just personal preference). Will use this lens as walk-around lens. Planning to sell my EFS 10-22 for this lens, but, not now. Howver, in the same I have to buy back used EFS18-55, in case I need wider focal length. Sample here using this lens **Credit to owner.
  2. *Sigma 8mm Fish-eye - Something new that come out from my brain. Hehe. Wedding photo, most of the time, friend and family like to taking picture together with the bride and groom. So, I want to add more 'ingredient' to my photo. Fisheye + family photo + pelamin. Isnt that cool? But this lens might not use most of the time. This lens is just a supporting lens + it's manual focus. Dont have any plan to buy this lens for now. (Used item, could be around RM800-1000).
  3. EF85 f1.8 - Got already. It's fantastic lens. But, after several time, I found that, it's suitable for outdoor. Yet, it's depends. 
  4. EF 50 f1.8 - Fantastic plastic. Yeah, thats the word. It's cheap lens, but gave me 'expensive' image. Got already. She love this lens too. Hehe. 
  5. *EFS 55-250 - Sometime we need extra reach right. Maybe for sport. Might find used, around RM600. Well, this also a supporting lens. Again, dont have any plan to buy this lens for now.

Part B - Camera Body.

  1. 40D - Currently I got this body only. Last check, already reach 50k s/c. Best camera for far. Even newest model have better performance - same level. 
  2. *7D - My wishlist body. Why not full frame? Well, maybe because of  my preference. Even full frame body is better, but I dont have full money in my pocket. Hehe. Got video, so extra for me. Using CF card, dont have to buy new card, can change either one. 40D will become my second body (at the same time, she can use it too) if I bought this body.
I believe this is all my wishlist and why I choose it. When I can full fill this wishlist? Of course not now :) Duit kena saving gak kan.

Sorry for English + Malay. Lol. Hehe.

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